Four free audio meditations, a guide to choosing Bach Flower Remedies, Bach Flower Remedy cards and an e-book on how to live with love.

All for you, with love from me. Download them, use them, enjoy them and share them with others.

FREE Meditations to Soothe Your Soul:

Feeling stressed out, disconnected, needing to nurture your heart or listen to your intuition?

Meditation releases stress, relieves depression and anxiety, helps with insomnia and lowers blood pressure. It gives you time out to connect with your intuition and is a wonderful way to relax and recharge. I believe that a regular meditation practice is just about the most precious gift you can receive. Choose from four meditations here.

♥ HEART SPACE MEDITATION – A Sanctuary for your heart

heartspacemeditation-cdYour heart is your true source of love. By connecting with your heart on a regular basis, you feel more loved and experience more love in your life.

 Download and listen to the free 15 minute Heart Space meditation for your MP3 player by right clicking or control clicking on the link below and selecting ‘save link as’




fearandanxietygraphic30 minute guided audio process for you to use any time you’re feeling fearful or anxious. It strengthens your base chakra so you’ll feel secure and safe, and gives you a safe space to get in touch with your fears and let them go.

Download the meditation for your MP3 player by right clicking or control clicking on the download link below and selecting ‘save link as’


Background music by Thaddeus, available from LuminEssence Productions at



15 minute Crystal Healing for Your Heart Meditation will give you healing from the crystal that you most need today.

Download the meditation for your MP3 player by right clicking or control clicking on the download link below and selecting ‘save link as’




30 minute meditation to help you release barriers to living your dreams.  You’ll travel through your life and before this lifetime to experience your soul energy. You’ll journey forward to your future to see what is possible and experience how it feels to live your dreams.

Download the meditation for your MP3 player by right clicking or control clicking on the download link below and selecting ‘save link as’



karina-circle“During this [Dreams Come True] meditation Jackie creates such a loving and safe space. Every time I could feel myself trying to do more or push harder she gently encouraged me to accept where I was and what I was feeling.

Jackie’s guided meditations make me feel like I am surrounded by warmth and infinite love. Her voice is so soft and soothing and at the same time her guidance is very clear and she brings me very deeply into my soul. Her work is so powerful and I can feel how layers or resistance and old pain slowly melt away. Jackie is an amazing healer and wise women and I recommend all of her work to anyone who needs guidance and limitless love. Thank you, Jackie for sharing your gifts with the world.”

Karina Ladet | Channel and Intuitive Guide |



live-with-love-coverI asked 23 of the teachers, writers, healers, coaches, visionaries and artists who inspire me most what they do to live with love in their daily lives.

23 heart-centred people including Lee Harris, Alexandra Franzen and Joanna Powell-Colbert.

23 heart-opening answers that will show you how to bring love more easily into your life.

Download the e-book here.


Confused about which of the Bach Flower Remedies to take? Download this free A-Z Guide to Selecting Bach Flower Remedies for yourself.

There are clear descriptions of the issues each essence treats and the positive qualities they bring. It’s designed to be printed on A4 paper and folded to A5.

By printing the 2nd page onto the back of the 1st, and the 4th page onto the back of the 3rd you’ll end up with a very neat little booklet.

Download A-Z guide here.

Looking for inspiration, guidance and healing? Download these Bach Flower Remedy message cards.

A set of 38 mini cards to bring the positive qualities of each of the world-famous Bach flowers into your life!

Each card has a photograph and a word that embodies a positive message from each of the Bach flowers e.g. Love for Holly, Forgiveness for Willow, Enthusiasm for Wild Rose.

Use the cards to focus on a quality you want to experience or use them to intuitively select 7-8 Bach Flower Remedies for yourself. Download Bach message cards here

You can buy Bach Flower Remedies here. If you don’t wish to take them you’ll still be able to bring their healing and insight into your life by following the steps below.


Sit comfortably focusing on relaxing your breathing first.  Count 20 long slow deep breaths to help you relax and connect.

Ask to be guided from your heart for your greatest healing and growth.

Think of a problem or issue you need clarity with and imagine that a flower is coming forward to inspire and guide you.

  1. Choose cards with your eyes closed while asking the question ‘which Bach Flower Remedy can help me most at this time?’.
  2. Choose cards showing the photographs that appeal to you most (this will vary from day to day).
  3. Choose the cards which express the qualities you’d most like to draw into your life.
  4. If you use a pendulum, you can ask the pendulum to guide you to the best cards for you.

Another way to use the cards is to choose a different card each morning or each week and consciously focus on the quality it embodies. Notice the areas of your life where that quality may be lacking, and record your insights about how you can bring it more fully into your life.